Thursday, February 23, 2012

MCskill ThaPreacha - Get Dope Or Die Wack:The Mixtape (Hosted By Stormatique)

After months of Online buzz bout MCskill ThaPreacha and his forthcoming mixtape , The #GetDopeOrDieWack Mixtape is finally here!!! Its hosted by Ace Producer 'Stormatique'.

VIDEO: Koldproduk ft. Zubz - Full Moon Shining

South African hip hop rhyme slayers Zubz and Koldproduk, who's under the stable of Uproot Records released a dope visual for their collab called 'Full Moon Shining'. Nicely done!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NEWS: Brand New Video From Wizkid Dropping This Friday

Nigerian R&B sensation, Wizkid, who's headling this week's Industry Nite event is set to debut the video for his song 'Oluwa Loni' this Friday, February 24th on MTV Base. EME boss, Banky W disclosed the info this afternoon via Twitter.

Throw Back Profile: Bright Chimezie

Popular Zzigima singer, Bright Chimezie (a.k.a Okoro Junior) is as old as his fatherland, Nigeria. He was born on October 1, 1960 at a time the country severed its colonial cord from Britain.

So the ‘child’ of independence, as he is fondly called by close friends has a reason for being independent minded. Symbolically, Chimezie is so much in love with his tradition that while some of his colleagues depend on foreign products for a living, he prefers to sing, work and dress as a true African.

An ardent lover and promoter of his culture, Chimezie has impacted positively on his fans and has equally been well patronised by indivduals and corporate bodies. For instance, Chimezie featured prominently in all the Golden Tones Concerts sponsored by Benson and Hedges in the late 1990s. He also performed alongside such artistes as Daniel Wilson, Orits Wiliki and Ras Kimono in a major promotional concert that toured United Kingdom.

MUSIC: Lil' Issue - V.I.P ft. D'Banj & Rick Ross

Upcoming American rapper, Lil Issue, teams up with Rick Ross and Nigeria's D'Banj on his new song 'V.I.P'. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Come and witness the official launch of the most popular Nigerian made and owned T-Shirt line; the Boyz Are Not Smiling T-Shirt created by Terry Tha Rapman and designed by Marco Martinez on Saturday, February 25, 2012.

The venue of the launch is at Quezville at Eko Gym and Spa Complex. 9B, Akarigbere Close Off Idejo Street Off Adeola Odeku Street, V.I. The time is 8pm and admission is free.

Performing artistes at the event include; Pope, Pherowshuz, Fecko, Vector, Gino, Sossick, Overdose, Olamide and others.

Also the winners of the Zombie Rap contest will be announced on the same day!


This event is powered by @estolpropsmedia @PopOffCentral @ModestStan @NightBlazeEnt @MultiKraftMedia, Marco Martinez and Quezville.

VIDEO: Dominant 1 & Third Eye - I Am Malawi

Check out 'I am Malawi Music' Video by Dominant 1 and Third Eye, from 'I am Malawi' documentary a film by Geert Veuskens and Pieter De Vos.

Monday, February 20, 2012

VIDEO: Timix - Plan B

Music Video by Timix. This is off the #MixedBreed mixtape : release date March 1st 2012.

MUSIC: Jay Rox - Monga Nkongole Ft. Dope G & Chef 187

Lusaka and Copperbelt come together to bring some heat on a United Tip! Zone Fam/Kopala Collabo

NEW VIDEO: Bracket ft Wizkid - Girl

Bracket's "Girl" Video featuring Wizkid Is finally out. Check it out.

MUSIC: M.I Ft. Phenom - 6Ft 7Ft

Mister Incredible drops the second single off his forthcoming IM2 mixtape, and he teams up with Phenom on this one.

Friday, February 17, 2012

NEW VIDEO: Nneka - Shining Star

Official Video of Nneka's second single "Shining Star" from her last album "Soul Is Heavy"

NEW VIDEO: K'Naan ft. Nas - Nothing To Loose

Check out this new video of K'Naan, which features Nas performing 'Nothing To Loose'. Reaal recognise real!

My Hip Hop: Documentary On Cape Town Hip hop & Identity

‘My hip hop’ was produced by Shamiel Adams in association with Faculty of Hip Hop for

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Recharging: African Hip Hop Radio x VOTU

Here’s the kick off from Kenya! Ndugus Uswakamili and Jared Ombui from VOTU (Voice of the Underground) did this run-down of the latest tracks from Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda.

1. Kwa Jina La Mtaa | Skobo, Ekori & Kaktus | Kenya
2. Akasera | Sylvester & Ssavoo | Uganda
3. Everybody Loves Jabba | Hhp | South Africa
4. Mwanzo Mwisho | Zaiid | Tanzania
5. I Will Make It | Driemanskap Ft. Siya | South Africa
6. Kalakuta State Of Mind | Kahli Abdu Ft. Endia & Guru | Nigeria
7. Not Over | Solo Thang | Tanzania
8. Shikamana | R.I.C | Kenya
9. Spoken Thoughts | Fecko Ft Naycha| Nigeria
10. No Credit | Syt Mo | Tanzania
11. Artkitectoniks | Sleaze Ft Lee Scott | United Kingdom (Guest Artists)

Stream via the player on AHH or download the mp3 here

SHOKO! Festival Documentary (Zimbabwe)

The Shoko International Spoken Word & Hip Hop Festival is a celebration of poetry, hip hop and urban culture that strives for positive social change and democracy.

Mr. Flames Presents The Beat Mixtape

John Opara aka Mr. Flames presents The Beat Mixtape, which features various Nigerian artists such as M-Trill, Fecko, Wordsmith, A-Q, Yung Millz, Makiller, Pherowshuz, CY Rillic etc.

Naycha Presents 'Corporate Gangsta 2' Mixtape

SA rapper and Bloemfontein hiphop representer, Naycha teams up with Fecko (his frequent collaborator from Nigeria on this ode to the motherland. The song is taken of Naycha’s ‘Corporate Gangsta 2’ mixtape.


CY Rillic of Star Quest fame is aptly skilled in rap versatility which motion him to veer into stardom. Here's a nice video for his latest single 'Dirty Wind' which was produced by E-twinz.

MUSIC: Explicit, Reason, Spaceman, PDOT - The Bumbdigidy (JHB remix)

Explicit, Reason, Spaceman and PDOT all went in on the Joburg remix for 'The Bumbdigidy'. S.A hiphop in the building, no doubt!

NEWS: K'Naan Set To Drop 'Nothing To Loose' Video This Friday'

Check out this behind the scenes interview with K'NAAN and NAS on the set of the "Nothing To Lose" video shoot. The official video premieres on VEVO this Friday! Don't miss it!

the new EP, MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN SILENCE is online and on iTunes

Monday, February 13, 2012

VIDEO: Fikrah Teule Ft.Couz - Rise (Roho Juu)

Rise...Afrika Rise!...another inspirational song from Fikrah Teule as he takes a lyrical and historical journey,never forgetting heroes from pre-independence era to the makers of our nation today; the likes of Tom Mboya to the late Wangari Maathai...the struggle goes on and on till we get there.

Meet The Afropolitans Feb 13th 6.30pm ET

Armed with new media as their tools, Africans on the continent and in the diaspora are charting new paths and opportunities for themselves. Challenging perceptions, they provide the global community with a first hand look at contemporary African art and culture. These young visionaries, often dubbed “Afropolitans,” reach beyond their borders to connect and collaborate with their contemporaries around the world. “Meet The Afropolitans” is an invitation to experience the next wave in African music, art and culture as well as meet some of the creative thinkers using social media and digital tools to provide the world with an alternative view of Africa.

PANEL – Meet The Afropolitans: An Introduction

A spirited discussion on the social web, digital media and culture in Africa. Who are the emerging thought leaders? How are they using digital media to re-image African in their own likeness? Who should you follow on twitter to be on the pulse of what’s next in music, art and cutlure from the continent?

PHOTOGRAPHY INSTALLATION… Portraits of emerging African artists and cultural curators by award winning Sierra Leonian photographer Delphine Fawundu

LIVE MIXING… Sounds Provided By DJ Frei of AFRIKA21

Live mixing of the latest sounds from the continent including Kwaito, Afrobeats, Township Tech and Hip Life.

Complimentary African Inspired Appetizers Courtesy of Panla

Complimentary Beverages Provided By Heineken

Complimentary Fair-Trade Chocolate From Ghana Courtesy of Divine Chocolate.

Check out Livestream here

Native Sun – A Short Film By Blitz The Ambassador & Terence Nance

Native Sun is both an album and short film by Blitz the Ambassador.

VIDEO: Camp Mulla – Fresh All Day

The Extraordinaires by The Holstar and Teck-Zilla

The Extraordinaires is a collaboration album between Zambia based emcee The Holstar (Slam Dunk Records) and Canada based Nigerian producer Teck-Zilla (Str8 Buttah Productions). Get the album here!

Artwork designed by Multikraft Media


Fellow viewers, we present to you a track by track analysis of Fecko the Emcee’s RapLogic Ep. Straight from the horse’s mouth - Teck-Zilla that is. Tayo Odutola aka Teck-Zilla produced, mixed and mastered all the tracks on the RapLogic Ep

1 Intro
Huge props to the legendary lyricist Mode9 for the drop.Nothing complex here,I just layered short snippets of various afrobeat and juju songs. Shoutouts to Dr. Victor Uwaifo and Segun Adewale for the inspiration(feel free to dig for the samples yourself..haha..happy digging)

2 Afro rhyme sayer
I had this sitting around for a while as I wasn't sure what project I was gonna use it on.Initially just had about 8 bars looped and when Feck told me he required a couple more beats to wrap up the project,I just went back to restructure the entire beat.It was a no brainer as I knew Feck wanted that afrocentric stuff but I hadn't supplied him anything of that nature till now.

3 Raplogic

This is a beat I did from scratch with no samples except the old school drums on the chorus and the rap vocals at the start. Really didn't expect it to be used on the project as it kinda deviates from my normal work but it works or better still Fecko made it work

4 Rebel skit
Feck sent me an accapella he did a while back so I had the liberty of matching it to any thing I wanted to.Really had fun doing this as I played around before settling on this beat. Fecko suggested I use vocal snippets from "Hotel Rwanda" to add that dramatic feeling at the end.....The soldiers are here!!!

5 Raw.African.Poetry feat Synik, The Holstar, Fikrah Teule
One of the early beats I made,around the same time I did "Ill Musketeers".Still on dat soulful tip. This was also a total surprise to me, I really wasn't expecting it to turn into a posse cut.crazy how this worked out, 5 people (including myself) in 5 different countries came together and made something meaningful. Strength in numbers baby...pure strength in numbers!!
Y'all should look out for the AfroBeat remix I did..some crazy ill mad rowdy sturvs!!

6 Flow global feat Talonted
One of the first set of beats I gave Fecko when he started working on the project. I was on that soulful, hard drums type mode.I had no inkling that he would feature Talonted on it so that was a surprise for me. Fecko surprised me on this one and the crazy thing was it premiered on Kevin-nottigham's blog a few days after I finished mastering it. For those that don't knowKevinnottigham is like one of the biggest U.S hiphop blogs there is!!!*sheds a tear*..*tissue wipes tears away*

7 Ill meditation
I wasn't sure Feck would use this as this was kinda like an experimentation (for me dat is).I didn't know what angle dude would approach the beat and its kinda refreshing hearing some reggae stylee type thing on the Ep. Breath of fresh air if I do say so myself. The sample? not telling...take a wild guess!!!
Thanks to Jemi Sitanayah for helping me with the mix.

8 RapLogic (Mario Zone Remix)
To be sincere and candid, this was as a result of joblessness. The beat was made during my short trip to Nigeria last year and initially wanted Str8buttah to do something with it but it was kinda half done so no one really paid it any mind. All I did was just use new drum kits and a deep bass line. Like the title suggests,the sample is from Mario Land(Mario zone stage), hardcore Gameboy fans should remember it!. Fecko suggested I utilize scratches on the hook which worked well to keep that hiphop feel as the beat sounds trippy a bit. For the outro I sampled Peter Clarke's voice..Rraah!!

PS: There is a 2nd remix coming out soon, I guess, I hope..Fecko, ball's(*pause*) in your court!!

9 Outro
Another accapella Fecko sent. The drum loop is from some afrobeat song.Y'all might recognize it from the Raw African Poetry Afrobeat remix so yeah I said it.

Thanks to every one who supported this project in one way or the other. Do support real hiphop as we strive to give you our heart and soul through the pen and mic. This is not a top ten gimmicky song making project but rather a poetic portrait poignantly painted sonically.

So there you have it, go ahead, download and bask in the everlasting glory!! ok, back to the topic- Thanks and stay sharp!!!

Written by Tayo Odutola (aka Teck-Zilla)


Brotha Onaci presents Radiant Souls mixtape volume 2

All the way from Philadelphia, USA is Brotha Onaci who manages to bridge between the Motherland and Diaspora on the Radiant Souls Mixtape volume 2 which is coming out today, you will hear artists from the underground hip hop movements in U.S.A, Kenya, Germany, South Africa, Namibia, and Nigeria. Listen below or download from the Soundcloud page.

Radiant Souls Mixtape Vol 2 by Brotha Onaci
Featured artists include Abstract Wolff, Add-2, Akua Naru, Amun Mirage, DETROIT PIStoLS (Power Is Surrendering to Love’s Strength), DJ.BasketQASE, Emcee Nemesis, Fecko the Emcee, The Invisible Enigma, Josh, Just Jay, K-Von, K-Nel, KrisDeLaRash, Neak, R.i.C (Rumor in the Chi), Sincerely Yours, Slot-A, Synik and Vallentine & Arazan.