Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Terry tha Rapman Presents World Domination mixtape

“World Domination is basically about the BANS Movement. The theme World Domination is about doing anything you set your mind to. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it, not by violence not by force but by silent power moves”- Terry Tha Rapman.

Ladies and gentlemen it is finally here, World Domination mixtape by Terry Tha Rapman. Terry conceived this mixtape last year to show to all and prove to some that he is still one of Nigeria’s best rappers. After listening to World Domination no doubt will linger in your heart that Terry Tha Rapman is one of the best to ever grab the mic. The rapper dedicates this mixtape to all his fans who have made nothing out of something, which is his own story, the story of #BANS (Boyz Are Not Smiling).It is also meant to encourage people who are going through tough times and are being held back by the harsh conditions surrounding them. World Domination is about defining your own life, your own path and your own destiny. It’s about #BANS. It’s about World Domination.

World Domination features a collection of established acts (Mode 9, Pherowshuz) and upcoming acts like Blaq Bonez, Boogey and others.It is Terry’s way of respecting the past and acknowledging the future. Terry Tha Rapman has started work in his next album (tentatively titled B.A.N.S 2.0) and will be releasing the first official single in a matter of weeks.

World Domination is a product of joy, happiness, sadness and hard work. It’s Terry’s utmost desire that you enjoy it to the fullest.

VIDEO | Str8 Buttah - Dat Buttah Music

Team Capital & Str8Buttah Productions join forces to bring y'all the raw footage of Dat Buttah Music from Deckzavier and Enigma's upcoming EP- The Professor And The Pugilist.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MUSIC: Terry Tha Rapmam – Awon Boyz Ft Pherowshuz, Olamide & Vector

"Awon Boyz" is the latest single to drop off the soon-to-be released World Domination mixtape. Terry tha Rapman teams up with Pherowshuz, oLamide and Vector on this rap anthem produced by Ill Touch. I like the way the producer brilliantly used the featured samples from Olu Maintain, Eedris Abdulkareem and 50 Cent on the hook. Boyz are not smiling!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fecko on The Hiphop Ride With K-Show!

Check out the recorded version of Fecko the Emcee's recent interview on The Hip hop Ride (hosted by K-Show on Radio Continental 102.3fm, Lagos). In this interesting interview, K-Show attempts to put the young naija MC in the spot by asking him a couple of controversial questions. "MI is a musician, Modenine is a lyricist, Ice prince is an Ice Prince" - Fecko's answer to K-Show's question when he was asked about "What he thought of MI, Modenine and Ice Prince as rappers". He also shared his thoughts on the state of hip hop in Nigeria. Enjoy!

MUSIC: Muna ”Here To Stay’ + ‘Down Down Low'

Nigerian ex-beauty queen now turned rapper, Munachi Abii aka MUNA recently released two new single called 'Here To Stay' and 'Down Down Low'.

PHOTOS: Str8 Buttah Video Shoot

Check out some behind the scenes pictures from the new video by Str8 Buttah Members Deckzavier and Enigma. 

Check out more on Str8 Buttah dot com

Graffiti in Nigeria: A genre of Artistic Expression or Advertisement?

One fateful Monday morning, I was sitting in a car on my way to the Mainland.

Bored and stuck in the world-famous horrible Lagos traffic, I couldn’t help but stare out of the window. Then I saw the inscription crudely scrawled on the wall ‘LIVE AND WORK IN CANADA…CALL SO AND SO NUMBER’ (all in caps and boldly written with a chalk).

Several questions kept running through my mind. I asked myself “are Nigerians now this desperate to leave the country? Is this ‘Advertising’ in every sense of the word or is this our own version of Graffiti? ”. For some reason, I did find it quite funny and interesting; hence I had to take a snap shot of the scene immediately, thanks to the camera app on my Samsung phone. I’ve had this phone for such a long time that, if it were human, it would have been Methuselah. (Laughs). But jokes apart, that picture actually inspired this article you’re reading now.

According to Wikipedia, ‘Graffiti is writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. Graffiti may also express underlying social and political messages and a whole genre of artistic expression is based upon spray paint graffiti styles.’

In the mega city, Lagos, where I grew up and still reside, writing on walls with chalks and charcoals is now very common, and it seems to be our own little version of Graffiti. However, 90% of these drawings and writings have now become a cheaper means of advertising various brands, products and services on the streets. I believe the idea is to pass any message or information across to the public as quickly as possible. Take for instance the inscription on the wall in the picture above.

One thing I could pull from memory was that I’ve seen several other types of drawings on walls, especially when I once visited my home town in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Unlike the ones in Lagos, these inscriptions pointed commentaries on Nigerian life and exuded self-expression. With a keen eye, I looked deeper at the drawings and I could see the story of my people starring me right in the face. “Apparently, the Ministry of Tourism have been sleeping on a gold mine.” I said to myself.

Does the Graffiti art-form really exist in Nigeria? Well my answer is ‘Yes’ if you ask me. We may use chalks and charcoals instead of the spray paints, but it all boils down to artistic expression, isn’t it? This culture shouldn’t be only familiar with the hip-hop community. Of course, it’s an important element in Hip-Hop. And I acknowledge organisations like WAPI in association with the British Council that have managed to create awareness about the art-form across Africa.

On a final note, whether Graffiti in Nigeria is a genre of artistic expression or an advertising platform, one thing I know is that, the art-form has always been here and will continue to be for a very long time. We just have to embrace it more with open arms.

By @Fecko_thaEmcee

VIDEO: Morale - Girlfriend

"Girlfriend" is written and performed by SA rapper, Morale for the album Smile, Clap & Bow. Song is produced by Kris J.


Self acclaimed, African Rapper Number One aka MI Abaga has finally released his much anticipated Illegal Music 2 mixtape.

Synik live at ZGS (Purelove Concert March 2012)

Zimbabwean Hiphop artist Synik performs live at the Purelove Concert at ZGS

MUSIC: Al Kan-I - M.V.P Produced by Teck-Zilla

Slam Dunk Records Artist Al Kan-I releases M.V.P Produced by Str8 Buttah Productions Teck-Zilla. In this song he name drops the whole Zambian National Soccer Team and their Coach Herve Renard.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Marco Martinez was founded by Paul Ade-Martins. It is an Urban Apparel line that has matured over the years and grown into a full fashion label.

Marco Martinez collaborated with Terry Tha Rapman in creating the popular brand “Boyz Are Not Smiling”, which started out as a slang used by Terry Tha Rapman. It became a  movement when Marco Martinez made a design for it as a street apparel. The making of the design was filmed by MTV Base and since then, the demand for the tees has been high.  They currently have started the female version called “Gurlz Are Not Smiling” and its doing well too.

For t-shirt bookings call: 01-8418941 / 08079946884

or visit

Sunday, April 1, 2012

VIRAL VIDEO: ModeNine - Boom Bap

Check out the viral video for Modenine’s new joint "boombap" shot by Mirrorman Music Afroflacko in South lLndon (King George The V)