Friday, November 26, 2010

A-Q feat. Teeto C'mos - Na Who Born The Maga?

Another single off A-Q's forthcoming mixtape "Bars & Hooks". This one features Teeto C'mos. Enjoy! PS: Album art designed by Multikraft by the way.


Yung Verbal of The Zone Fam - Gutta Muzik (EP)

Deck Tha Nexuz Of Str8Buttah – The Professors Abstract Thesis EP

Str8Buttah once again proves that they are not just a generic rap group. Founding member Deck the Nexus aka Professor Deckzavier goes for solo on this one. Like the X-man who inspired his moniker, Deckzavier sonically projects the listener into his astral plane and lets them roam free of charge. Employing multi-layered obscure samples, a myriad of vocal snippets and gritty boom bap, Deck creates what he calls an abstract thesis based on the fundamentals of hiphop-golden era style. Dig this and dig it deep.

Psalmurai - Lagos Shit feat. Fecko, J-Berg, Zee, Freaky Jazz & Mukim

Here is another track off Psalmurai’s soon to be released mix-tape “Grand Finale The Mixtape is Better Than Your Album” titled Lagos Shit. As you already know Psalmurai earned his lyrical stripes as a member of the hip-hop group The Kalifate and even at that he was still able to kick it with the new

VIDEO: Tear Gas - Go Away

Thursday, November 11, 2010

BOYZ ARE NOT SMILIN' Album Release Party!!!!

Terry tha rapman  has been the most relevant rap act this year, Dude just released his much anticipated album   titled (BOYZ ARE NOT SMILIN)  with hit singles  like sample remix, (which earned an hiphop world award for the best rap single) which he won and best collobartion won by kefee...the same song was recently nominated for the best collaboration in a music(smva)...this album has been tagged the album of  the year  by industry heads with its second single titled (boyz don hammer)sitting currently on the number one spot of the mtn radio top ten nigeria  while "ojoro" which features Terry G already is a street anthem. 

Terry recently dropped  another video which is the intro track of the album to the public this track is titled (BOYZ R NOT SMILIN) which also doubles has the name of the album....the video already has been receiving loads of good comments and has been well received by both the media and the general public. The boyz don hammer video is  set to follow in a couple of  weeks.The album release party is  scheduled for the 13th of nov at Number 10 46 saka Tinubu, Victoria Island.


Nıgerıan Hıphop artıst, BIONIC haıls from Enugu (The Coal Cıty state) ın eastern Nıgerıa hence hıs monıker "Wawaboy". He's a lyrıcıst, songwrıter, producer who has found an almost unfathomable way to blend Afrıcan ınstruments ınto a pleasant plethora of ındıgenous sound! Here on thıs song, he easıly tells hıs story of rısıng from the ashes to manısfestatıon, ın 'not' just hıs trıbe ıbo, but ın hıs "wawa" dıalect.