Monday, October 25, 2010

Dope G - T.M.S (Free Album)

2 weeks after Zone Fam member Thugga dropped his solo ep"October 28th",another member Dope G steps up to bat while he's talking his sh*t(pun intended).
Dope G doesn't take any shorts or losses on this one as he recruits the usual suspects for sonic assistance.
From the pumping sounds of Jay Rox(T.M.S,Badonkadonk) to Dj peewee's somber "Mistakes".Dope G shows versatility on all subject matter whilst raising the lyrical fitness bar a little bit higher for opposition to climb. producer Dida came through with a lush canvass for Dope to verbally paint upon his love tales,also the lp includes perennial favorites Holstar and Str8Buttah's Teck-zilla both creating soulful backdrops for Dope G's concepts to shine through.
To sum it up,no shorts,no losses.Dope G effortlessly delivers a solid lp through and through. A must download for both real hiphop and good music lovers in general.


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