Saturday, September 18, 2010

(10 Reasons Why BANS Is That Album This Year) by Tha Rapman

Here are 10 reasons why the Boyz are Not smiling album is DAT album,this year...article by Terry Tha Rapman

No.1 Its...(I dare say) the MOST anticipated rap album this year since MI2,u can ask MI 2! Lol!#bans!

2. BANS has the rarest SWATROOT members Mista Baron and L.D XL (J-town pioneers)and 6footPlus spitting on this fire track!

3. I had 3 songs,I showed my vulnerable side,lol! (No Emo-rap tho!) :-( eh-yaah!

# 4. The long awaited collabo wit @MI_Abaga is in one wrd: RETARDED! Beat is STOOPIID! (Shoutout2 E.twinz)!

5. 2 songs got leaked!!! (Not sayin which tracks)I don't who leaked em, but I guess peops got tired of waiting! Sept yall!

6. The BANS is abt life: Love,Hate,Joy,Pain,Envy,Greed & Lust!

7. The 1st single(Sample Remix) dat won d Best Rap single HHWA 2010,was well jus a 'sample' of d BANS album...

8. It has some d NEXT best producers: Kraft,X.O,E.twinz,Jay Sleek(yup!),Meka.E n El emcee!

9. BANS is NOT jus anoda album! It represents d typical Nigerian who's fed up wit d situation of his country!

10. D BANS slogan is d MOST popular slogan amongst d Nigerian youth today! Errbody old,young,rich n poor rel8 2 d movement!

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