Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Q & A Session With Nigerian Artiste D'Crow

Let's do a few questions and see what we got
1. Lets meet you?
Name ADEDA Omohwo Martin but better known throughout the music industry as D'CROW

2. How did you get into music?
It started during the A-levels when i used to be this VERY shy kinda guy and a classmate of mine had this book of Poems that used to get a lot of the ladies flocking around him and i thot to mysellf dat if i started writing mine i would get the same kinda reaction which was wat i did and the results were outstanding to say the me my 1st girlfriend. After skool i kinda just graduated into writing songs bcos by then i was an Eminem fan so Rap music was just the next step for me.

3. What instruments do you play?
None at the moment though i'm still re-learning the keyboard (used to play when i was much younger)

4. What has it been like since you started?
Its been ups and downs here and there, Highs and lows you can say but through it all i'm still here and i released my first album March 15th which is saying something

5. Why exactly did you start Music?
Honestly at the time i decided to go into the music, there used to be a lotta of un-creative material that i used to hear from the radio and after properly assessing my talents i realised i could do a whole lot better than what i was hearing but you know as a matter of fact, that reason cannot hold water right now because of the level of improvement in the music scene currently.

6. So are you worried you won't be able to keep up?
Of course NOT because i believe in my ability and i know that it would still shine through regardless of the amount of competition and i also have an open mind for evolving to the next level cos for example i look at people like elDee who have been there for a long time and still find a way to make themselves relevant today which is my aim for D'crow

7. Lets talk about Knighthouse.
What is it about them?

8.You were one of the few people dat started out with them right?
Yes i was

9. So what happened that you left and how was the whole experience?
Well i joined Knighthouse when i met one of the members Rougewave (Saks) at a radio interview way back in i think 2003 give or take a couple months and he told me about a group of people who were basically music lovers like us and were interested in starting something, so i basically met them up one day and the rest they say is history. We started from a small room, going from studio to studio and finally to the current home "51".

10. So why did you leave if things seemed promising since they had finally gotten a stable place to work from?
I would just like to say that i was not the only one who left for reasons best know to each person but personally i realised that it was gonna be a while before the rappers in the group ( Rougewave, Othello and myself) got an opportunity to be able to make the music scene like we wanted to so i figured instead of just sitting and waiting for manna to fall from somewhere i could not see, i decided to move on and try to make it on my own.

11. Is that why you dissed them in your upcoming mixtape?
WHAT!!!!!I aint dissed nobody because we still fam and i basically grew up in the music thanks to each and every one of them so i have NO REGRETS which coincidentally is the name of my proposed follow up album to THE TRUTH.

12. Whats your relationship with Mo-cheddar
Its cool, she's a nice girl, one of the later people to join knighthouse and she's now the franchise celebrity.

13. So what has been keeping you going?
Well you can say that the love of music is wat has kept me going bcos if its not something that one has a passion for, when you encounter the numerous challenges that music throws at you, its so easy to give up, so i just keep the bigger picture right at the back of my mind whenever things are not working out bcos at the end of the day, the road to "heaven" is paved with thorns.

14. Which Nigerian musicians do you like?
I presume you are talking in terms of their music so, elDee like i said earlier, i also like Banky W (that his Don't break my heart is still one of my fave songs), Omawunmi etc etc

15. What you think of Nicki Minaj?
Talented, Obviously sexy.

16. Now that you mention it, tell us more about your Sugar Mummy.
Hmmm.....seriously ask me no questions like this and i'll tell you no lies.

17. Well i just asked and i require The Truth since thats what you preach.
Lol...well i don't deny getting a lot of love from both older and younger women though not in an LL Cool J sorta way and i do my best to replicate the love shown to me by the ladies and my people that know me know that i dont discriminate against any lady cos i strongly believe that everyone has a right to be loved equally.

18. Very very interesting, so do you have a girlfriend?
I do not have A girlfriend.

19. Lets get back to the music
Yes please

20.So what's your angle? What new thing are you adding to hip hop music? What way are you different from what we have been listening to?
First of all i'm a Hip hop artist and i'm adding intelligence, style and creativity to the already existing stuff on ground.
How am i different, well i like to think of myself as a music lover so what everyone would get after listening to anything i do is a musician who is in love with his music and she loves him back

21. How are you able to balance between "commercialisation" and true hip-hop
Frankly you know we live in a capitalistic society and one has to find a way to sell your way of doing music to the populace in general while still staying true to the art form which has been passed down to us to carry the baton, so i basically experiment with my style to reach the wider audience while still retaining components of the core reason why my music is termed hip hop in the first place

22. What's your message to people?
Well my message to everyone is that no matter how outlandish or un-achievable your dreams may seem, remember that "our limitation is not a function of our conditions, but rather a function of our decision" so Dream Big, and remember that the bigger the dreams the harder the challenges and the bigger the rewards.

23. What else would you like to tell me?
Well the album(which is my 1st) titled "THE TRUTH" by D'crow is one i would encourage everyone who believes that Music in Nigeria has taken a giant leap forward to go out and get and they should watch out for the upcoming mixtape titled UNCAGED which is pretty much literal where i do not have to bother myself with sales and just go back to the real reason i fell in love with hip-hop in the first place.

24. Thank you D'crow for your time.
No thank you and cheers


  1. Let's do a few questions and see what we got
    1. Lets meet you?
    Name ADEDA Omohwo Martin but better known throughout the music industry as D'CROW
    2. How did you get into music?
    It started during the A-levels when i used....

  2. Love the interview.I think Cro and Mo cheddar actually did a skit on Str8buttah's first Illastr8 Mixtape.Check it out

  3. This guy seems very level headed. Love the interview and to think he was even part of knighthouse. Wondering where i can get his UNCAGED mixtape from? Hope i can get it here though.

  4. Very Nice Interview & a Good read. Really think 'D'Crow's going places and very far places. I admire the inteligence & determination behind you and resolution to make the dream more than a reality. Keep the faith and all the hard work up.... can't wait to hear the mix tape x

  5. Hey Crow! love the interview. Am continually inspired by your tenacity. Lesser beings woulda quit by now!